"A Mother’s Gift" 16×20" Oil

By August 29, 2010May 8th, 2016Oil Painting
'Mothers Gift' oil painting by Mark Lovett

“A Mother’s Gift”

16×20″ Oil  on linen panel

It’s been a while since I have posted anything on my oil painting blog. I hope all my artist friends have been busy creating art this summer, and I hope my art collector friends have been busy adding fine art to their collections.

I have been very busy this summer on many fronts and have managed to complete two oil studies, one of which is above “A Mother’s Gift”.  My intention was to loosely capture a beautiful moment rather than to complete an academic work. Of course, it took me longer than a few moments to capture this one! I have quite a bit of time in the work. My little model is very special and I insist on capturing her soul rather than just a likeness. I enjoyed working with the pink and green color palette and carrying these colors in the hat, dress , flowers and skin tones.

I also enjoyed working quite a bit of texture with a palette knife  in the hat which became quite a sculptured center piece.

She was back lit with a very soft light coming in from the sky in front, therefore there was very little shadowing on her face. The face was primarily contoured with temperature changes and minor value fluxuations.

The background is where I really loosened up and let go. Although she was sitting in grass,  I chose to express the foliage in an abstract manner. I used colors and shapes in the background  to add interest, and create harmony and balance in the composition.  Hope you enjoy it.

I believe we will be taking it to a show in Baltimore next weekend.

Thanks for looking,

Mark Lovett