I found Mark to be very professional and reasonably priced for the quality of his work. I would highly recommend his services!!       Steve S.
Had a wonderful experience as a repeat customer of Mark Lovett Photography for head shots of my daughter.     Barb W.
Mark did a great job capturing high quality images of our work team. Everyone looks great and happy.       P Federowicz
Mark is an artist extraordinaire and genius with a camera. He is also a blast to be with. You cannot miss by choosing Mark!       Michael T.
Easy reservations, relaxed atmosphere, no high pressure sales. Mark does beautiful work! We loved them all!      Debra B.
Pictures are beautiful and are going to give our website that professional look we needed. Nice guy and very easy to work with.      Dr Richard W
Excellent experience. Highly recommend. It was a pleasure to work with Mark and Laurel.     Lisa B.

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Actor Headshot and Resume Casting Director Tips


Stay ahead of the competition. Your headshot is your first impression, so do it right.  Whether you’re doing your first headshot session,  updating your look, getting the most for investment is top priority.

Keep in mind that you are marketing yourself to potential agents or producers, and quality counts.

1. No second chances | Make First Impression Count

Are you confident in your headshot and resume, and is your resume up to date? Does it represent you at your best?  How does it compare with the competition? First impression is key. Use your headshot and resume as the ultimate marketing tool.

2. Will Your Headshot & Resume Succeed

Determining exactly what the people in the field are looking for is a challenge.  Ensuring that your headshot and resume are of the best possible quality may just keep you out of the circular file.

3. Quality or Quantity?

When you found a role you want to audition for, and are preparing to send out your materials, make sure what you’re sending is of the highest quality you can afford.  Will your photo and resume grab the attention of the agent or producer?

4. Headshot is #1

The resume is important, but the headshot is the first impression. Often with a single glance at that photograph, the person casting the project will generally know if you fit the profile that they are seeking.

5. Draw Out Your Best

You want a photographer who can draw the best out of you.   A smirk, or certain glint in the eye, can display that little something that they’re looking for.  This just might put you above the countless other faces that will be competing with yours.

6. Different Looks

Make it easy for them. Not every casting person has the imagination to picture you as a different type. If you are a clean cut, All-American guy, take a photo with a 5 o’clock shadow so they can see you can look tough, too. Women don’t always have to be glamorous. Personality goes a long way.

7. Use The Mirror

Spend time at home in front of the mirror practicing expressions. Practice the smiles, the serious looks, and everything in between.

8. Keep it Real

Make sure your appearance is close to reality. Don’t use excessive makeup or costuming. Your headshot should look like the person walking through the door ….. just like you.

9. Avoid These

Avoid textured backgrounds, prints or patterns on clothing and jewelry. Women should use simple, not theatrical makeup.

10. If You Know What You Don’t Like

If you have had headshots done in the past, that can be used as a tool to show your photographer what works or what doesn’t work, bring them to the session and go over them with your photographer.

11. Carefully Choose Your Photographer

Try to find an actor headshot photographer that you feel will meet your needs. The costliest photographer is not necessarily the best. Finding a photographer you are comfortable with helps alot.

Check out examples of various photographer’s work. If a fellow actor has an impressive headshot, ask that person whom they used. A little research can go a long way, and can be one of your best assets in the end. Check out their Google reviews.

12. Order Multiple Prints

Order multiple prints for your mailings. Make sure you have a high resolution digital image when you approach a reproduction facility, so that the operation can run smoothly.

13. Retouching?

Study the headshot nuances carefully.  Excessive shadow,  unsightly blemishes, may call for a retouching. Try to have a clear idea of the retouching you want. Knowing what you want will save time and headaches.

14. Keep the CV Real

Some actors may have a propensity to embellish, or to put superfluous filler on their resume to make it look more developed. Don’t. Keep it real.

15. Quality Outweighs Quantity

List the most important credits, and any major work you’ve done. Quality always outweighs quantity.

16. Have You Got Training?

A foundation of solid, reputable training is always an asset.  Often it’s the first thing a casting director will look at. If you’ve got it, include it.

17. Unique Skill?

If you have a unique skill, it can be a selling point.  Are you a guitarist, a black belt, or a gymnast? An expert equestrian? Put it on your resume.

18. Resume Distractions

Your resume should be legible, typed, not cluttered, no typos or misspellings with a quality photocopy.  It is also highly advisable that you include a phone number(s) that is always available. Having a service or an agent number will also add to the level of professionalism you present.

19. Personal Note

A personal note or a cover letter goes a long way too. It can show you’ve taken the time to read the ad, and that you’re not just doing a mass mailing.

20. Success or Not?

Without a high-quality actor headshot and an organized, professional resume, success will elude you. Marketing yourself properly, and selling what you offer in the best possible way, is crucial in this industry.

A headshot that accurately represents your appearance, and a resume detailing what you are capable of, whether on the stage or on the screen, are your two key tools the actor must have.

Invest within your means, but if you’re serious about attaining success, go all out for your headshot and résumé.