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Creating A Successful Portrait

Jasmine chose to do both an outdoor and indoor photo session.

Outdoor Photo Session
In a recent photo session with Jasmine, we took advantage of some late afternoon light outside the Mark Lovett Photography Studio in Kentlands, Gaithersburg, MD.

To create a successful portrait we need only great light, a complimentary background, a flattering, natural pose, and a warm, relaxed facial expression.

In Jasmine’s portrait, I believe we succeeded. I love the diagonal lines of the wall and background green foliage going soft and out of focus in the distance.

I love the way I positioned her, with one hand on the wall, and the other in her pocket, with her hips facing the wall and her shoulders and face turned away from the wall toward the light. The pose enhances her attractive figure.

I tilted her face slightly upward toward the light so she has beautiful soft indirect skylight falling on her face and casting her neck into soft shadow. Jasmine’s expression and pose looks soft, relaxed, comfortable and natural.

We used the 3/4 length image as well as a tight crop version of her face and shoulders. Both crops work very well.

This is an image Jasmine will likely use on LinkedIn, Facebook, her personal website, and perhaps even on her resume or company website. It’s a very versatile image.

Indoor Photo Session
For a more formal look, Jasmine chose to do an indoor photo session as well. Most often we favor a clean white, grey, grey-blue, or black background. In this case, we went with a grey-blue background. I believe Jasmine is using this image, cropped a bit tighter around her face on LinkedIn. Which do you prefer? The indoors or outdoors image?

Read what Jasmine wrote about her experience with Mark Lovett Photography on Google+.

Jasmine’s Google+ Review

"I was gifted a photo session with Mark Lovett after complaining that I couldn't find a good photographer. Mark is a visionary genius. He is truly remarkable at his craft. I had a great experience getting professional head shots done.

Mark is excellent with editing the photos and mine definitely came out great. I would definitely recommend Mark Lovett for all your photography needs."

Jasmine Burch