Business Portrait Tips by Best Business Photographer in Maryland

By April 13, 2016May 14th, 2016Business Portraits, Headshot Photography
Business Portrait - Gaithersburg, Md Headshot Photographer

On-Location Business | Corporate Photography in Gaithersburg, MD

Although Mark Lovett Photography | Bethesda Headshots has a photography studio in the Kentlands, if your business needs photographs of multiple executives or employees, often it works best for us to come to your office.  In the case of our business photography for the international real estate/property management firm,  Lendlease, we did both.

We traveled to the Lendlease Gaithersburg, MD office location and set up our lighting, with a large white background, in a big conference room. After getting the lighting set up , tested and tweaked to perfection, executives and employees were funneled to us at the rate of about one every five to ten minutes.

We worked with each person to bring out their best, taking multiple photos,  to create top professional portraits to be used for online, print, company website, social media, advertising etc.

Upon finishing the photo session, we returned to our studio, processed the photos, and uploaded them to an online gallery for the client to view. Lendlease chose their favorite images in the photo gallery, and we worked further on each chosen image, adjusting the crop, white balance and retouching them to create extraordinary portraits.

The finished images were delivered via online gallery downloads in high res 300 dpi. Lendlease executives and employees that could not attend the photo session that day, came to our Gaithersburg studio at their convenience. We are able to create portraits here in our studio that look very similar to those created on location.

When creating portraits for businesses, it’s important to create images with a consistent look……. same background, lighting etc. The photos turned out amazing and Lendlease is very happy!

Notice the tight cropped images in the top gallery as well as the 3/4 length in the bottom gallery.