Corporate Group Portraits on Location | Northlane Capital in Bethesda,MD

By November 26, 2018December 5th, 2018Business Portraits
Executive Group Portrait | Northlane Capital Gaithersburg, Md Headshot Photographer

Portraits were created on location at Northlane Capital business in Bethesda, MD by Mark Lovett at Bethesda Headshots / Mark Lovett Photography.

Corporate Group Portraits on Location Tips

If you thought corporate portrait photography involves taking pictures of men in suits in offices, you would be only partially correct. Today’s corporate portrait needs to tell a story and illuminate an individual. There are multiple ways of achieving your client’s desired result.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a good background for a large group portrait in the office, and this was no different. After exploring a couple different office floors an interesting background caught my eye, so we set up the group in a way to take advantage of it. After removing some unwanted reflections in the background, it looks awesome: much better than a white wall dont you think?  We had very little time to create the large group photo below.

The key to being a consistently good studio photographer, rather than scoring with the odd lucky shot, is to understand lighting. The benefit of studio portraiture is the ability to completely control how much and what type of light falls on your subject. Studio photography techniques in a corporate portrait photography setting, gives complete control over the look of the portrait being created, as we modify the light angle, distance from subject, and output.

In addition to the Northlane Capital group portraits, we also created individual portraits of all the executives and top staff.

On location Executive Group Portrait | Northlane Capital by