Amazing Corporate Portrait, Headshot & Pageant Photography!

By March 5, 2015December 17th, 2016Pageant Portraits

We do a lot of headshot and portrait photography business here at Mark Lovett Photography and Bethesda Headshots.

I can’t tell you how many times a client has made initial contact and said that he/she picked Mark Lovett because they thought he did the best quality head shots found on the internet. I really believe Mark has developed a signature photography style that is recognizable just as paint strokes are to a painter. I think I can say with certainty that eventually having a Mark Lovett head shot will be looked on as being a must whether it be in the corporate or pageant world.

It’s been a while since my last blog entry, but I wanted to include a few of the most recent shots.

Amazing Pageant Photography

Mark Lovett Photography Pageant Headshot Portrait

Above is Alana, a pageant contestant. Isn’t she a beauty and with a very distinctive look. Notice the extra catch light in her eyes.

Casual Portrait Photography

Next up is Allison, an up and coming opera singer. Her star is on the rise and she realized the importance of an awesome business portrait.

Mark Lovett Photography  Portrait Headshot

Mark Lovett Photography Portrait Headshot

Corporate Portrait Photography

I have to include a couple men into the mix. Can’t always have a beautiful pageant contestant! The men appreciate Mark’s head shots as well.

Mark Lovett Photography  Portrait Headshot

Mark Lovett Photography Portrait Headshot


The portrait below is the White House optometrist for President Obama and President Bush. ¬†We had the opportunity recently to photograph him for an upcoming article about his experience working as a presidential optometrist. He’s a great guy and we’re really looking forward to reading the article.

President Obama's Optometrist - Mark Lovett Photography  Portrait Headshot

President Obama’s Optometrist – Mark Lovett Photography Portrait Headshot


Please give us a call at and for any corporate, fashion, or pageant photography. We will create amazing images for you!