Do you suffer from poor LinkedIn Profile Image?

Do you need a professional LinkedIn profile portrait by in Gaithersburg, MD ?

Suffering from poor LinkedIn profile image?  There is a solution.

The article,  LinkedIn Professional Profile Portraits,  by Bethesda Headshots, is a must read for anyone in the Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland area interested in furthering a career.  Now that LinkedIn has become the largest professional network in the world with  over 300 million members, I agree that it is critical that our LinkedIn profile picture doesnt look like this:



When I browse LinkedIn and see profiles without images or very poor images, which unfortunately is rampant, it sends a strong message:

1) They are unaware and out of touch

2) They are aware,  but don’t care

In either case, it certainly doesn’t give me the desire to do business with them. In addition, I’m sure the competition will have a much more welcoming online profile that will certainly get my attention and business.

The huge percentage of poor profile and empty profile images on LinkedIn makes me want to help these folks improve their online situation. As a professional portrait photographer, I promise to do my best to solve this problem by providing my services to those in need. So I challenge all of you who suffer from poor LinkedIn profile imagery in the DC Metro area to pick up that phone and let me help you right now!  You may come here to my studio in Gaithersburg, MD and I’ll have you done in 15 minutes, or if you are willing to pay some travel expense, I’ll be happy to come to your office!

Please reach out if you would like some help in this area, and for more details and info, again, please read this article,  LinkedIn Professional Profile Portraits,  by Bethesda Headshots, or feel free to contact us directly to set an appointment.