Mariela Portait

 Presenting the gorgeous Mariela!

I had the pleasure of working with Mariela recently at Mark Lovett Photography studio in Gaithersburg, MD.  She is a beautiful lady inside and out and a lot of fun to work with. I believe she is the recent Miss Maryland Teen USA winner.

I enjoy the challenge of creating high quality, interesting portraits of people. I quickly notice the subject’s best angle, and what kind of expression suits them best, and when I find it, I feel like I struck gold!

With pretty ladies, I try and get movement in the images that are flattering their figure. Usually the tendency is for the ladies to stand straight up, which on occasion we get something nice, but I like to get the ladies moving, twisting and leaning into the lens.

One of Mariela’s outfits was a stunning red color and I found something to go with it and add a little color to her hair.  Hands are really a challenge too, but I think we pulled this one off. What do you think?


Miss Maryland Teen USA portrait by

We decided to break it up a little and create some portraits with nothing much in her hair. I’m not a hair dresser but I did spend some time working with Mariela’s hair to make sure it complimented her face.

I venture to say that when Mariela is ready for an amazing WordPress website she is going to contact Web Experts to create it for her. These folks at Web Experts are really talented web developers, designers and internet marketers. Check out their work when you get a chance!  Anyway, back to beautiful Mariela. Let’s see. Where was I?

Oh yes, Mariela’s eyes are very compelling.

Miss Maryland Teen USA portrait


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Portrait by Mark Lovett


In the image above, I had her lean into the camera quite a bit, although it doesnt appear that way in the photo.  I’m sure at the time, it felt very uncomfortable to her at the time.  I loved Mariela’s smile, but I also love her look when she’s not smiling, so we had to do some of both.

Portrait by Mark Lovett


Her red shoes inspired the image above. I just couldnt let her leave without capturing them. The green/blue outfit and the red outfit really struck me. I love them both.

Portrait by Mark Lovett

Although Mariela didnt have much previous experience doing professional photo shoots, she was a natural and a lot of fun to work with here at Mark Lovett Photography.

Portrait by Mark Lovett

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