Daughter Braeden Graduates High School

By August 9, 2010May 8th, 2016Misc

So much was going through my mind on this special occasion. I was so proud and happy for her as she received her high school diploma. The school was tough, she worked hard and did very well. It’s time for my precious little girl, who’s not so little anymore, to move into the next phase of her life. It’s such an exciting, happy time and the love I feel for Braeden is so strong. The memories of her as an adorable small child continue to flood my mind.


Third from the right, Braeden and her girlfriends prance in the shade  after receiving their high school diplomas.


On the left, Braeden meets her new college roommate for the first time.


Laurel and I helped Braeden  get situated in her college dorm room, and she plays with her new roommate in the window light.


It has only been two weeks since our precious girl left and I think it’s going to take me about one more week or two to get over the transition. This is the last shot that I took of her as we left her at the school. It was from a long distance away. Every time I zoom in close on her face I cry. Although I felt really good about leaving her in a very warm and friendly environment, and I know this is the right thing for her, our home is quiet without her. Today was the first day that we had the family together for dinner and she wasn’t with us. It’s very tough right now for Laurel & I as our only two children both prepare to leave the nest.